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FAQ about tissue application

What type of samples can be applied for?

Apart from brain tissue, the NBB also supplies CSF, plasma, DNA, and (in some cases) spinal cord. In case of NBB-Psy also primary microglia samples. In the future, primary astrocytes, immortalized glial cell lines, and from some cases iPSCs will become available.

From donors who participated in a clinical trial during life, additional material is in some cases available on request (MRI data, IQ measurements, fibroblasts, etc.).

Can every researcher apply for NBB-Psy brain tissue?

Yes, every researcher has the right to file an application at the NBB. The application form can be downloaded from the e-NBB. Each application for NBB-Psy tissue will be reviewed by the Tissue Advisory Board.

Are there costs involved in receiving brain tissue from NBB-Psy?

Yes, the NBB is a non-profit organization, mostly dependent upon grant money. For each brain sample a small financial contribution is asked, to compensate for part of the costs made for donor recruitment, 24/7 autopsies, procuring, neuropathological diagnostics, handling and sending out tissue.

The NBB recommends, when submitting grants which plan to use NBB tissue, to contact the NBB for an estimation of the financial contribution of tissue procurement which can be factored into the grant application budget.