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Tissue Advisory Board

To ensure objective dissemination based on high quality research, all applications are reviewed by the NBB’s independent Tissue Advisory Board (TAB).


The TAB of the NBB was established to decide which tissue applications are granted the donated tissue that has been entrusted to the NBB. To avoid direct conflicts of interest, this board is comprised of active leaders with proven track records in the scientific community, representing fields that are highly relevant to research with post-mortem brain tissue. For the NBB-Psy project additional advisors are added to the TAB.

The management team and Steering Committee of NBB-Psy will develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) on how to handle in case an NBB-Psy applicant raises objections to the decision of the TAB.

Evaluation criteria

The TAB reviews tissue applications based on the following criteria:

Members of the TAB

Additional members for NBB-Psy applications:

In case a member of the TAB is involved in a tissue application, he or she will be excluded for review of the application.