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Availability of brain tissue

The NBB can provide samples of more than 4000 autopsies of donors with a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders or non-demented controls. Tissue is dissected from different anatomical regions and stored in various ways. The NBB also provides CSF, plasma and sometimes the spinal cord and dorsal root ganglia. On request, the specimens can be obtained fresh and placed in special media or fixatives according to the researcher’s protocol. DNA samples of 100 μl (10 ng/μl) are available of part of the collection. Requests for specific brain areas will be taken into account when performing autopsies.

The tissue will be accompanied by anonymized donor information, including the neuropathological report and an extensive summary of the donor’s medical history. If requested, the tissue can be matched for ante-mortem parameters (e.g. age, sex, time and season of death, agonal state, pH, APO-E genotype) and post-mortem parameters (post-mortem delay, freezing or fixation procedure, storage time).

 The technical coordinator of the NBB

Additional data and samples for NBB-Psy cases

Apart from the standard information that is provided together with the samples (extensive summary of medical records and neuropathological report), for NBB-Psy additional information and material will be available:

Database mining

The NBB formulated guidelines for research projects that would like to analyze data from the NBB database, without the actual use of the brain tissue. The collection of clinical and neuropathological data and is very expensive and therefore the NBB asks a financial contribution and acknowledgement of the intellectual investment in return. More information can be found here.