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Our staff

Management team

The daily management of NBB-Psy is in the hands of:

  • Inge Huitinga, PhD
    Director of the NBB and project leader NBB-Psy

  • Saskia Palmen, MD, PhD
    (Child)psychiatrist UMC Utrecht and clinical coordinator NBB-Psy

  • Marleen Rademaker, MSc
    Project coordinator NBB-Psy


The management team receives advice from the Steering Committee and the International Advisory Board.

Tissue supply

  • dr. Mark Mizee
    Postdoc researcher

  • Adelia

Steering Committee



Research assistants

  • Nel Hooiveld
    Depression, bbsessive compulsive disorder and
    body dismorphic disorder
    VUmc / GGZ inGeest Amsterdam


  • Geertje de Lange
    Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
    UMC Utrecht / Brain Center; Dept. of Psychiatry



  • Chantal Penseel
    Posttraumatic stress disorder
    AMC Amsterdam; Dept. of Psychiatry


  • Yvonne Kras
    ADHD and autism spectrum disorder
    Karakter / Radboud UMC, Nijmegen


International Advisory Board

  • Dick Swaab, MD, PhD
    Teamleader Neuropsychiatric disorders
    Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam